The Hairy Potter Miniature Pottery by Craig Roberts
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Hairy Potter's Pottery - unique pots and ceramic sculpture

From miniature to functional size

Porcelain, stoneware, redware, and raku are the clays utilized by Craig Roberts (C.T.R.) in his creation of miniature and "regular-sized" artworks. Pots are traditional and historical - from cobalt blue folk art inspired crocks and bowls , to red clay "ugly jugs" ; as well as Christmas tree ornaments... More creatively, one can find wizard jars, fancy bells and bowls, bird banks, face mugs, hand painted tree scenes, ornate queen cookie jars, and other one of a kind sculptures. We use calligraphy to make utilitarian pots show an intended use as a container for "Coins", "Hopes", "Dreams", etc. - or to convey a memorable saying such as "prayer is a path where there is none".

Miniatures for dollhouses, collectors, and museums in 1 inch scale, half inch scale, and quarter inch scale.

Craig Roberts' (C.T.R.) ceramics include crocks, jugs, mugs, vases, teapots, bowls, plates, pitchers, cookie jars, ugly jugs, urns, and even napkin holders in 1 inch scale. Some of these shapes are offered in ½ inch and ¼ inch scale. We create hand painted scenic pots, face vases, and often add pure silver to pottery creating a wonderful "rustic elegance" that is very unusual and serendipitous. Other miniatures include miniature pottery wheels, kilns, tools, folk art, rustic furniture, and miniature pottery studio accessories.

Unbelievably detailed pottery studio workshops - so realistic and complete that a miniature person could work there.

Classes and workshops are offered in miniature pottery throwing, miniature pottery / ceramics studio construction, and decorating techniques.

We offer a newly designed miniature electric pottery wheel and miniature kilns.

Porcelain, jewelry or dollhouse accessories? Faces and scenic pendants translate into wall pieces for dollhouses. Unique bolo ties; an amazing, wearable gift.... or porcelain pieces can become elegant tree ornaments.

The ultimate gift for the "hard to buy for"!

"I don't even have a pot to piss in !!! "…Now you can! …I make them!

All of the pottery is hand thrown/sculpted and signed by the artist... (C.T.R.)

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